A Magical Story

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He invited the farmer to stay in his house for the night. In the morning when the farmer had gone away, the merchant ran into his shop, shut the door, and said while turning the ring on his finger, "I wish to have a hundred thousand pieces of gold. The frightened merchant tried to get out of the shop, but in vain.

In a few minutes he was dead. When the farmer returned home, he showed the ring to his wife. It will make us happy.

The Eras of Magic Story

Maybe the ring will bring us more land," she said at last. They discussed the matter more than once. The farmer and his wife had grown old. Their hair became as white as snow. We create a magical world where reality and fantasy are intertwined.


A Magical Story

Clues lead honeymooners from the Caribbean to a secret site where a surprise Mayan event and marriage celebration unfolds under a full moon. A message in a bottle leads Honeymooners to Havana, to travel in style in search of long-lost, rare and valuable sacred stones. A journey to spiritual enlightenment across several Himalayan countries leads a group of empowered explorers to Punakha.

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An educational expedition following in the footsteps of Genghis Khan sweeps clients across the steppes for a rare encounter with Kazakh eagle hunters. Distant drums herald battle-cries from the mountains, before a band of Zulus pour into camp, to the immense surprise of guests relaxing after dinner. A search for truths relating to recently discovered elves and trolls takes a family with young children to a secret lake A warm welcome from local islanders sets a South Seas legend in place that commands further island explorations. Kings I know in other lands have no trouble getting married. Why is this happening to me?

Throne of Eldraine: The Wildered Quest

The shepherdess on the mountainside may brave the magic power of the mirror, but would you marry such a lowly one? So the barber brought the shepherdess to court. When the shepherdess entered the royal presence, she felt very shy at being surrounded by so many riches. The king received her kindly, telling her that if she desired to be his wife she would have to gaze into the magic mirror.

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If she had done anything which was not consistent with a good and virtuous character, the mirror would show as many stains on its surface as there might be blemishes in her past. I love my sheep and do my best for them. Saying this, she walked up to the mirror and gazed into it, blushing slightly, perhaps at the sight of her own reflection. The court ladies surrounded her. When they saw that the magic mirror showed no spots on its surface, they snatched it from her, passing the mirror from one to another. There are no spots when any of us look into the mirror either.

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  • This is not a magic mirror — a trick has been played on us! But if you had been as confident about your characters as this shepherdess, who is now going to be my queen, you would not have refused to look into the mirror.

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