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I think is great is that the turtleneck is incorporated into the center panel. It makes the neck so easy!

Step 1: Materials and Pricing

The sides are then worked along the front and back panels and that is how you connect them together. I found it pretty easy to do that. The sleeves are also made long to fold over and create a cuff. I made the back two inches longer for a flattering fit. This all might sound confusing, but hopefully the photos will help.

Locate beginning tail of the foundation chain. Row 1: working in back loop, join yarn with a slip stitch. Ch 1 and hdcblo of same stitch. Hdcblo across to end.

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Row 1: working in back loop, Join yarn with a slip stitch. The first thing is to orient the front side as well as the top of the panel. The front will have the single line down the middle. Row 1: ch 1, turn, hdcblo in same stitch, hdcblo across to stitch marker, hdcblo in same stitch as stitch marker.

Warm and Chunky Cable Knit Hat

Now you will move to the back panel and hdcblo in the stitch with the stitch marker. Make sure both sides are right side up. So just keep that in mind. Now your starting point is the lower right corner of the back panel with the right side facing you. Row 1: with a slip stitch join yarn to the back loop of the first stitch, ch 1, hdcblo of same stitch, hdcblo across to stitch marker, hdcblo in same stitch as stitch marker.

Now you will move to the front panel. Make sure right side is facing you, hdcblo in the stitch with the stitch marker. Now is a good time to sew the edges of the neck together. This way you can sort of try on your sweater. Just remember when you sew that the neck folds down and you have to pay attention to what will show on the right side.

I used a whip stitch. At this point you want to make sure that the sleeve will stretch all the way around your upper middle arm. The sleeves are meant to be snug.

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Since it is a ribbing stitch, the sleeves do stretch. Lay sweater out flat right sides facing you. That will be the center of the sleeve. See photo. Then counting from the stitch markers that you just placed, place stitch markers 18 stitches each down the front and back.

That will be the outer corners of the sleeve on the short end. If not, then extend it to 21 stitches on each side. Now grab the sleeve and find the top of the sleeve.

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Place stitch markers on each end of the sleeve and then the center of the sleeve for a total of 3 stitch markers. You will now match stitch markers from the body to the sleeve. Make sure the sleeve is right side up. I like to point mine downward. The sleeve will be slightly stretched.

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