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By my calculations, I might be lucky to, at the very least, have a second date on the 14th. Whether the relationship lasts after that is neither here nor there. It is with that strategy in mind that I accepted to head out for oysters and champagne at Village Market.

I therefore arrived all decked out in heels and a little black dress, only to find that it was set at the food court where people in jeans and sandals were wandering past going about their business, making me feel completely overdressed. To be fair, it really is a fancy little spot perfect for date night, I just thought it would have more privacy.

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I was extremely thankful for that. Unexpectedly, the kitties that the owner of the school Sanma and the kids took care of warmed up to me quickly and were always around me. When I had the little fluffy creatures in my lap, their warmth dumbfounded me. Whenever it happened, that Beer guy would smile at me in a way that made me uncomfortable.

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  • This was something I had never experienced. He said he was traveling, yet he stayed with me. He seemed happy to be drinking and chatting with his old friends. Surely, him saying I held up his travels was a lie! The day I recovered, I went to the man observing the idle clouds in the courtyard, intending to bid him farewell. I must walk the road afterward on my own. Unexpectedly, he got up and patted his clothes. I knew he was going somewhere in the opposite direction of Nevras, where the scenery will be beautiful in a few months.

    The next moment, I found him ruffling my hair, his words cutting my feelings of gratitude short. Beer had traveled to many places, seen many things, and he liked to compose songs from his experiences. In our short journey, I learned two things. Secondly, he was utterly useless besides singing, though admittedly, I did enjoy his songs. I must have been possessed as I spoke my mind. Or what you like to eat? What about the types of girls you like?

    For some reason, I told Beer everything--including about Spaghetti. In the light of the campfire, I saw his stern expression. There are many beautiful things to experience in this world. The next sunrise, the stern expression Beer wore the previous night was nowhere to be found, as if I dreamed it up.

    3 Reasons Why Beer Is Better with Oysters Than Champagne. Really!

    The long journey came to an end. I went silent, staring at the city walls. We arrived at the outskirts of Nevras, and I knew this guy had to continue his own travels. As a food soul that suddenly appeared, Oyster was treated as an ill omen. The attacks of fallen angels were blamed on the innocent food soul by the villagers as a matter of course as well.

    This put Oyster in a bad place. By request of the village elder, one of the villagers went to Nevras to find the tavern spoken of in tales and made a wish to have Oyster and the fallen angels disappear. Perhaps Spaghetti thought that this was combat power they could use. Spaghetti treated Oyster surprisingly gently.


    So when Spaghetti was out, he took on what Spaghetti was going to do next. When the neverending barrage of fallen angels made Oyster think he was about to disappear, a man stood before him with a smile, taking all his hits for him. When Oyster returned to the tavern, he was scolded harshly by the Spaghetti who rarely lost his temper. Seeing Spaghetti showing him his emotions for the first time, Oyster burst into laughter.

    Jacobsen on Common Oysters

    He finally got closer to Spaghetti, he thought. Sometime later, Oyster, who was at the Bamboo Mist Pawnshop to buy intel for Spaghetti, met that constantly cheerful guy again. Heh… Lemme tell you, that guy that orders you around, he ain't so good a man. However, Spaghetti was the first person in the world to accept him.

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    Even as the dangerous person others spoke of, he still needed the help of others. Even if the road Spaghetti walked would only lead to a dead end, he would always stay by his side. He wanted to use his actions to tell the man who always wore a smile, yet never showing his true feelings; just like he did on that day. This Artifact has not been released yet! More details will be added once it has. Rate Crit. Sign In Don't have an account?

    Start a Wiki. Food Souls Defense Apple Pie. Crab Long Bao. Bamboo Rice. Boston Lobster. Mapo Tofu. Raindrop Cake. Stargazy Pie. Butter Tea. Buddha's Temptation. Double Scoop. Dragon's Beard Candy. Foie Gras.

    Huangshan Maofeng Tea. Peking Duck. Sichuan Hotpot. Cloud Tea. Nagashi Somen. There was only Spaghetti left in that dark tunnel, moving forwards.