Frugal Tips and Recipes for the Wise Homemaker

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3 Things to Remember When Being Frugal Isn’t Easy

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30 Frugal Meal Ideas (for when you’re broke)

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30 Frugal Meal Ideas (for when you're broke) - Graceful Little Honey Bee

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What do you want to learn today? Pick a topic. Online Courses. Digital Downloads. Have you jumped onto the frugal living bandwagon and are looking for more ways to trim your budget? There are so many different areas in your life where you can cut your expenses. We live in a world where over-spending is normal and products and consumerism and thrown at us everywhere we look. Its difficult to make the adjustment of switching to a frugal lifestyle, but there are several small things you can work on that will help!

Obviously a huge part of living more frugally is being aware of and in control of your grocery budget. But, these tips are some of the things that I know help me and will hopefully help you as well. There are a number of different ways that you can incorporate frugal living into your grocery shopping and meal planning.

One of the biggest things that can cause you to waste money with your grocery budget and meal planning is to let food go bad. Each week or however often you grocery shop take a quick look over your fridge, freezer, and pantry. First, see what is close to expiring, and try to incorporate those ingredients into that weeks meals.

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Then, just see what else you have that can be used in meals, whether its going bad or not. Its also important with this respect to make sure that your fridge, freezer, and pantry are clean and organized. Nothing will be sitting in the back of your fridge rotting or hidden in your pantry not being utilized. A good habit to get into is doing a quick cleaning and organizing of your fridge, freezer, and pantry about once a week. Move the food and packaged goods that are close to going bad or expiring to the front so you can remember to use them asap.

How I Practice Frugality - 10 Tips for Living in Your Means

MOST of the time, cooking food from scratch will save you money. There are of course some things that will be cheaper to buy. Usually in those cases though the quality suffers and its worth it to make it yourself anyways. You can make everything from your own sandwich bread to homemade muffins and crackers.

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As you start to get a feel for the ingredients you use the most of when cooking food from scratch, you can buy those in bulk. Its better to familiarize yourself with cooking from scratch first.