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Five easy steps to tackle bee stings in cats. Our head nurse Helen outlines exactly what you need to do. Seen any strange little bits of dirt around your home? It could be a sign of cat fleas — so find out how to get rid of them. Make sure your pet is protected against deadly diseases in time for the spring with up-to-date vaccinations.

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Don't let lungworms, roundworms and tapeworms attack your pooch. Ask us for advice on how to prevent them. Looking for guinea pig care tips?

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Read our care advice for a happy, healthy pet. An overweight rabbit is a serious matter. Not only will their quality of life suffer, but their health could, too — so make sure you tackle the problem without delay.

Festive food in the house? Be careful what you give to your dog, as some things are poisonous for pets Worried about bringing your cat for their next vet appointment? Take a look at these tips from our vet nurse Helen. Rabbits have lots of needs, some of which require veterinary care.

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Adrian explains what to watch out for. As a rabbit owner, what do you need to know about breeding, pregnancy and birth? Check out our guide. Building a good relationship with your rabbit will be rewarding for both of you, so check out our guide to rabbit etiquette.

If your cat is urinating around your home, it can be a horrible time for both of you. The team at Kettering help you decode some of the most common cat behaviours. If your dog gets motion sick it can make car travel a stressful thing rather than a pleasant trip out.

Our head vet Adrian O'Shea has some tips to relieve the condition. Getting a cat easily into a carrying case can be hard work, so the team at The Avenue have a sequence you can follow to take the stress out of the situation — for you and your pet. We explain why that may happen. Rabbits are prone to several parasitic infections, but most are easy to deal with using straightforward spot-on treatments.

Hay fever in cats is not to be sneezed at. If your rabbit has red, watery eyes, it could well be suffering from an allergy. We list some common irritants and offer some advice on preventing allergies. Spring brings with it many allergies — and not just for humans. Dogs can suffer just as badly so here are some signs to look out for.

To give your puppy the best start in life, good training and socialising are essential. Everyone loves kittens, but they need a bit of time to settle into a new home. Check out this guide from our nurse Helen, which explores different cat tail movements and what they mean.

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Check out our tips to help. As cats age, they become more likely to develop arthritis, which can be very painful. Find out how you can make it easier for them. If you suspect your cat is one of the fatter feline residents of Kettering, we can help — starting with a nurse led check-up. Exercising with your dog is a great way to burn calories and have fun together — so check out our five best ideas. Want to pop something special under the tree for your rabbit this Christmas? The team at The Avenue has dug out some great suggestions. A winter health check for your rabbit with Adrian will give you peace of mind for the coming cold month.

Dogs might seem warm in their furry coats, but our vet Adrian advises these vital precautions to maintain good health. Socialising your puppy with other people and animals from an early age is an important part of their development. The Avenue Veterinary Clinic team shares our top five tips for new kitten owners, from food to social training.

The Avenue has compiled its top five tips for guinea pig owners to understand their rodent better. I have worked at the Avenue for over 16 years. I love to travel and aim to see as many cities of the world as possible. I am a huge animal lover, particularly dogs. My dream is to be able to retire to a sunnier climate and volunteer at a dog re-homing centre.

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I joined the team in September as a part-time receptionist and have now progressed to Customer Care Representative full time, as well as maintaining my role as the afternoon receptionist. I enjoy the variety of tasks I have to undertake as part of this new position. I am the morning receptionist here at the Avenue and it has been my pleasure to have been here for the past eight and a half years.

Over the years I have gotten to know all of our clients and their gorgeous furry family members who are always a pleasure to see. A little bit about me, I am a mum of one son and I also have a furry family of my own consisting of 3 cats, their names are Brandy who is an 11 year old British Blue, Cinders who is a long haired black cat and Kitkat who I rehomed is a typical mischevious naughty Tortie and white girlie.

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Mon - Fri: am - pm Sat: am - pm Sun: Closed. E: info theavenuevets. Welcome to the Avenue Veterinary Clinic website. We are committed to providing professional and compassionate care. We look forward to meeting you. Nurse Clinics Each local Caring Vets Practice is made up of highly trained and highly passionate nurses. Out of Hours Many Caring Vets Practices subscribe to a specialist emergency out of hours care provider. For additional information on the out of hours service provided please click the link below: www.

Laser Surgery Laser Therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light to create therapeutic effects; including improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling. Orthopaedics Orthopaedics is a rapidly growing specialism. MRI Scans Whilst all Caring Vets Practices have digital x-ray facilities MRI goes one step further in allowing a surgeon to make more informed decisions on the way forward with treatment.

Health Care Reminders In order to keep your pet in the best health it is important to keep on top of their preventative healthcare. Feel free to ask us about any aspect of Pet insurance to find out more. To see guidance of policies available please click these links: www. Vital tips for new kittens in Kettering Posted on 14th Sep Check out these five bits of advice that every new cat owner should know.

How to prevent chewing in dogs Posted on 7th Sep Learn from the veterinary team at Avenue Veterinary Clinic why dogs chew and how to prevent this destructive habit.

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Avenue Veterinary Clinic's tips on kitty fertility Posted on 7th Aug Has your kitty been behaving oddly? Discover what makes those cute little rodents tick. Doggy dental care explained Posted on 21st Jun Brush up on doggie dental care with The Avenue, including what to watch out for.

Cat tooth decay: advice from Avenue Veterinary Clinic Posted on 14th Jun Cats are renowned for hiding poor health. Services our vet nurses can provide for your cat Posted on 14th May Here are the top five services that our vet nurses can provide for your cat among many others….

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Try our puppy training tips for a healthy, happy dog Posted on 7th May Owning a dog is a big responsibility, and early puppy training is a vital part of its healthy development. Travelling with a pet rabbit Posted on 21st Apr Follow our step-by-step guide to travelling with your rabbit.