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Learn about the neuroscience of prejudice.

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Read three other books on psychological change and decision making. The book is full of similar treatises on dichotomies in human behavior, along with tips for working with them more effectively. In a chapter on women in the workplace, the authors explain how women often find themselves in a double bind needing to appear competent and competitive to get ahead at work, but facing resentment from colleagues for these very qualities.

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If we are to rectify gender discrimination, we need to use techniques that reduce bias in hiring, as well as mentoring women who are already on the job, they argue. But sometimes the book feels like a collection of interesting counterintuitive study results rather than a cohesive whole with a clear viewpoint. Certainly, the book has plenty of interesting stories and good prescriptive advice. But, it would have been nice if it were just a bit more inspirational, perhaps…and less focused on aims for success in business.

Still, in combination, these two books provide a powerful treatise on why we need social science to help us understand our human natures better so that we make wiser decisions of all kinds.

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Only by knowing ourselves—our instincts and biases—can we work toward a better society without being fools about how we go about achieving it. Jill Suttie, Psy. Become a subscribing member today. Scroll To Top We all have people to whom we turn when we seek wise counsel. What is wisdom? About the Author. Jill Suttie Jill Suttie, Psy. This article — and everything on this site — is funded by readers like you.

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I go through this all the time too, and probably millions of others do as well. Our society has pitted us against each other.

I had to get out of the online bubble for a second and try to wake up from this rat race just to remember that no happiness or Instagram photo can surpass peace of mind. We tend to forget to listen to the needs of our souls. Listening is the only way we can achieve this peace of mind.

Let your mind wander to be perform better, think more creatively, and manage your feelings

See, authenticity to the soul is all your mind really wants. It keeps our anxiety levels down and gets us out of our heads and deeper into the present.

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But, when it comes down to it, your soul knows you better than your mind does, so why listen to the mind more? Stop worrying just to worry—take the things out of your life that make you stressed out, stop biting off more than you can chew and try to give yourself a little peace of mind.