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Fur-requently Asked Questions

Value Creation: For guests looking for day care or overnight sitting, DogVacay creates a seamless connection to local hosts willing to care for their dog s. Hosts receive value in the form of monetary payment for their services. Providing both sets of users a variety of choices helps deliver the value creation. However, as currently constructed, the strength of the network effects appears limited. As such, once the number of Hosts in a given area reach saturation, there is limited value to Guests for each incremental Host. DogVacay has also chosen to limit the number of Hosts in order to provide Guests with a sense of security and quality.

The company has received over , Host applications throughout the U.

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Interestingly, many Hosts are also Guests, which limits the overall size of total users that join the platform. Switching Costs: Guests and Hosts are rated 5 star scale and reviewed after each transaction, which builds in switching costs. However, since it costs neither the Guest nor the Host to post on the site, there is in fact, a low barrier to joining multiple platforms at once.

For visits scheduled during out-of-town stays, you will receive a confirmation call no later than two days prior to the first scheduled visit.

Conversation #2

We ask that we speak personally with you to ensure your pet is cared for. Any changes to scheduled visits or cancellations may be made via your Power Pet Sitter login or through the office.


Confirmation must be received from our office, ensuring that the changes have been implemented. In order to ensure the safety of your pet s , notes or messages to the sitter are not allowed.

For vacation visits, we require notice of cancellation two weeks prior to commencement of services to obtain a full refund. There are no refunds for early return once service has commenced for the time period scheduled. For recurring visits, we request that you let the office know as soon as possible of a cancellation.

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Lack of confirmed cancellation will result in the sitter arriving for the visit, thus resulting in a charge for the visit. Please have this information available at the initial consultation.

DogVacay: Building a Network of Dog Sitters

In the event of severe weather conditions, wherein roads become impassible, this contact would be willing to check on your pet s if requested. The agency will send you a picture and a brief bio on your sitter so that you can know a little information about her prior to her arriving. If you will be staying in a hotel your sitter will ask for you by last name at the hotel front desk.

All sitters plan to arrive at the location 15 minutes prior to your requested time. The sitter is prepared to do with the children whatever the parent wishes.

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In any case, tons of value created by eliminating tons of fixed costs from the dog sitting industry and therefore providing the service at a much lower cost — but I agree with the assessments that the barriers to entry are pretty low here. You must be logged in to post a comment. Register for an account.

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Profissão Pet Sitter: Os Segredos Do Negócio

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