The Chill and the Kill (Murder Room)

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He made a deep gash but could not separate the head from the body. He walked back a third time to pick up the petrol he had bought earlier, splashed it on the body and set a match to it. Uncle and nephew must have been face to face as the older man spoke into the phone camera lens, a rant that brought a chill to strangers who heard it on social media days later.

His words reveal the state of mind of Shambhulal Regar, and the state of Rajasthan. Regar may indeed have been a lone wolf hate killer, as the police claim. But he was manifestly indoctrinated by the venom that circulates openly on social media and in the hate speeches of political leaders, including ministers of the ruling party. His communal rant in the videos he and his nephew made reflect an intense internalisation of the ideological anti-Muslim propaganda of the Sangh organisations and the Bharatiya Janata Party.

He speaks of love jihad that, he alleges, targets innocent Muslim girls for sexual bondage to Muslim men; of counterfeit notes that fund terrorist groups; of films he specifically mentions PK and Padmavati that make fun of Hindu gods and distort Hindu history; of a Muslim conspiracy to destroy a generation of Hindus by attracting them to drugs; of mafia dons who find safe havens in Pakistan while looting India; of sinister black-robed Muslim men who surround mosques; and of the Babri Masjid where a Ram temple could not be built even after 25 years.

Being born to a disadvantaged caste, he calls for the breaking of caste boundaries for all Hindus to unite against the multiple jihadi conspiracies of Muslims.

It is both poignant and scary that he holds his mentally challenged daughter on his lap during one of his rants. In one video, Regar says he killed Khan to save women from love jihad. His family said they were shocked by what he had done, his sister was furious because he had made her teenaged son videotape his crime. But they said he hated Muslims for trapping Hindu women, suggesting that his rage against love jihad was understandable.

This was also the view of other residents we spoke with. When pressed, they spoke of three incidents of Muslim men forming alliances with Hindu women in the locality. One case went back 12 years, another nine years, and the third incident was from seven years ago. We met the young woman involved in the last of these incidents. She was taken to Bengal by a much older Muslim man, under circumstances that are unclear. Eighteen months later, she returned home. She was furious with Regar and his family for raking up her story when she was struggling to rebuild her life. In our investigation, we also found the house of a woman from Regar Basti who had gone away with a Muslim boy from a nearby village 12 years ago.

She died apparently in a road accident some time later. Both her parents and those of the man she had eloped with had refused to accept her body. The Rajasthan Police confirm what was apparent in our investigation, that Khan had no alliance with any Hindu woman. It is obvious that there was no immediate case of a Muslim-Hindu alliance that precipitated this kind of hate and frenzy.

Social media has exploded with posts in support of the killer. The video of the murder is now one of the most watched videos on YouTube in the country. It helped collect a reported Rs 3 lakhs for his wife. Hindutva groups with the media and regular incendiary posts on social media have convinced people like Regar that Muslim men are on the rampage to trap innocent Hindu girls who must be rescued.

Social media seems bent on waging war on Muslims.

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Those who come from West Bengal are being called Bangladeshi infiltrators. Many of these groups celebrated the killing. On both our visits, we found lawyers outside his house who said they had volunteered to give Regar and his nephew free legal aid. We met one lawyer with a conspicuous tika on his forehead who had come from Jaipur to defend Regar. He also handed the family a cheque of Rs 50, Meanwhile, migrant Muslim workers in the area have headed back to Malda in a panic. He, too, will leave Rajsamund for Malda after he receives the death certificate and the permission of the police.


Some social activists in Rajsamund have been trying to persuade the labourers not to leave, but with little success. They are scared beyond imagination after what they have seen. Senior police officials also joined our meetings but their words about a stable law and order situation were not enough to stop the migrants from leaving.

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Most of them have left, a few are stuck because of work and payments. Muslim residents, most of them in the marble business and relatively prosperous, said that for the past three years, it has been routine for the police to pick up young Muslim men, and to summon their aged fathers or their wives to police stations and keep them there for hours. They said they live in dread.

But the consequences of this on all of us will be catastrophic. The chief minister issued a statement condemning the killing, calling it deplorable. But there has been none from the prime minister or his senior cabinet colleagues. We spoke to leaders of the Regar community, telling them this was a serious crime and that many others may have been indoctrinated.

We urged them to call a meeting and address this hate that is enveloping the youth. While the Muslim community is palpably tense, there seems to be no sense of remorse, in the town or even in the lanes of the Regar colony. To the best of our knowledge, till our visit, there had been no local civil society effort to reassure the Muslims, no meetings, no rallies, no statements. The horror behind the murder was that men, women and youth outside the Muslim community were not condemning the murder unequivocally. The consensus seemed to be that while the murder was unfortunate, Muslims had brought this misfortune upon themselves by their propensity for love jihad.

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Hindus and Muslims have lived together peacefully for centuries but today, wedges of hate are being driven to deliberately divide them. With each new hate attack, India as a humane and inclusive republic is being unmade. Even more culpable than both this upwelling of hate attacks and partisan state action is the resounding silence through the large majority, the near absence of public remorse or compassion.

In the end, what anguished us the most was this famine of compassion, solidarity and outrage. Explainer: Who is to blame for the mess at PMC bank and will depositors get their money back? Watch: Why are these two cats so afraid of the third? Who was Afrazul Khan? A video grab of Shambhulal Regar.

Who is Shambhulal Regar? Love jihad as a dog whistle In one video, Regar says he killed Khan to save women from love jihad. The other case was nine years old. We have no further information on this. Credit: YouTube Fear, lack of compassion Meanwhile, migrant Muslim workers in the area have headed back to Malda in a panic. Galvan admitted to obtaining a gun on two occasions as a step in a murder plot lead by Marrufo, but he claims he never pulled the trigger himself.

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He said he typically transferred AK assault rifles and once stored a. A photo from the court shows him posing with that assault rifle inside what appears to be a home. Galvan said he was so excited to see the size of the assault rifle, he assembled it and posed for a photo. Galvan pleaded guilty to possession of narcotics and firearms and has served eight of his year sentence. The two last spoke in January , when El Paso police raided the home of a friend who was storing 40 AKs, a grenade launcher, bulletproof vests and ammunition for the cartel.

Meanwhile, El Chapo's case continues as he's pleaded not guilty to a count indictment, including firearms possession, murder conspiracy, and importation and distribution of cocaine. El Chapo hitman had a soundproof 'murder room' with drains on the floor for quick clean ups following executions and posed for selfies with his.

Share this article Share. Read more: El Chapo hitman used 'murder room' for messy executions. Share or comment on this article: El Chapo hitman had a soundproof murder room with drains on the floor for quick clean ups e-mail 1. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Bride-to-be's 3.

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