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The personalized name is in a completely different font than the rest of it.

You have a pretty cursive font that's followed by a large blunt font for the name. Just looks weird. My daughter loves the bear though! Here at Walmart.

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You can go to cart and save for later there. Average rating: 4. Sandra Magsamen. Walmart Tell us if something is incorrect. Arrives by Monday, Oct Free pickup Mon, Oct Ships to San Leandro, Davis St. You get your choice of any name up to nine letters long. The name appears in a cute, childlike font. Watch your little one enjoy imaginative play and dancing with her adorable new ballet partner. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.

See our disclaimer. This bear is dressed like a ballerina, and her chest text reads "I'm tutu cute. The plush bear is 13" tall, and filled with super-soft polyester, which makes it ideal for hugging and squeezing.

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It endorsed jingoistic nationalism as opposed to the businessmen's calculation of profit and national interest. In November , a group of Ohio Republicans endorsed Roosevelt for the party's nomination for president; the endorsers included James R. Garfield and Dan Hanna.

This endorsement was made by leaders of President Taft's home state. Roosevelt conspicuously declined to make a statement—requested by Garfield—that he would flatly refuse a nomination. Soon thereafter, Roosevelt said, "I am really sorry for Taft I am sure he means well, but he means well feebly, and he does not know how! He is utterly unfit for leadership and this is a time when we need leadership.

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Roosevelt began to envision himself as the savior of the Republican Party from defeat in the upcoming presidential election. In February , Roosevelt announced in Boston, "I will accept the nomination for president if it is tendered to me. I hope that so far as possible the people may be given the chance through direct primaries to express who shall be the nominee. The primaries represented the first extensive use of the presidential primary , a reform achievement of the progressive movement.

These primary elections, while demonstrating Roosevelt's continuing popularity with the electorate, were not pivotal. The final credentials of the state delegates at the national convention were determined by the national committee, which was controlled by the party leaders, headed by the incumbent president. Prior to the Republican National Convention in Chicago, Roosevelt expressed doubt about his prospects for victory, noting that Taft had more delegates and control of the credentials committee.

His only hope was to convince party leaders that the nomination of Taft would hand the election to the Democrats, but party leaders were determined not to cede their leadership to Roosevelt. Once his defeat at the Republican convention appeared probable, Roosevelt announced that he would "accept the progressive nomination on a progressive platform and I shall fight to the end, win or lose".

At the same time, Roosevelt prophetically said, "My feeling is that the Democrats will probably win if they nominate a progressive". It was popularly known as the "Bull Moose Party", after Roosevelt told reporters, "I'm as fit as a bull moose". Roosevelt's platform echoed his — proposals, calling for vigorous government intervention to protect the people from the selfish interests:.

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To destroy this invisible Government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day. Its resources, its business, its laws, its institutions, should be utilized, maintained, or altered in whatever manner will best promote the general interest. This assertion is explicit Wilson must know that every monopoly in the United States opposes the Progressive party I challenge him Ours was the only program to which they objected, and they supported either Mr.

Wilson or Mr.

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Taft []. Though many Progressive party supporters in the North were supporters of civil rights for blacks, Roosevelt did not give strong support to civil rights and ran a " lily-white " campaign in the South. Rival all-white and all-black delegations from four southern states arrived at the Progressive national convention, and Roosevelt decided to seat the all-white delegations.

The bullet lodged in his chest after penetrating his steel eyeglass case and passing through a thick 50 pages single-folded copy of the speech titled " Progressive Cause Greater Than Any Individual ", which he was carrying in his jacket. Instead, he delivered his scheduled speech with blood seeping into his shirt. His opening comments to the gathered crowd were, "Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot, but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.

Doctors concluded that it would be less dangerous to leave it in place than to attempt to remove it, and Roosevelt carried the bullet with him for the rest of his life.

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After the Democrats nominated Governor Woodrow Wilson of New Jersey, Roosevelt did not expect to win the general election, as Wilson had compiled a record attractive to many progressive Democrats who might have otherwise considered voting for Roosevelt. Roosevelt respected Wilson, but the two differed on various issues; Wilson opposed any federal intervention regarding women's suffrage or child labor he viewed these as state issues , and attacked Roosevelt's tolerance of large businesses.

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  5. Roosevelt won 4. Wilson gained 6. Roosevelt, meanwhile, garnered a higher share of the popular vote than any other third party presidential candidate in history. To finance the expedition, Roosevelt received support from the American Museum of Natural History in return for promising to bring back many new animal specimens. Once in South America, a new, far more ambitious goal was added: to find the headwaters of the Rio da Duvida, and trace it north to the Madeira and thence to the Amazon River.

    It was later renamed Roosevelt River in honor of the former President. The initial expedition started somewhat tenuously on December 9, , at the height of the rainy season. The trip down the River of Doubt started on February 27, During the trip down the river, Roosevelt suffered a minor leg wound after he jumped into the river to try to prevent two canoes from smashing against the rocks. The flesh wound he received, however, soon gave him tropical fever that resembled the malaria he had contracted while in Cuba fifteen years before.

    By then, he could not walk because of the infection in his injured leg and an infirmity in the other, which was due to a traffic accident a decade earlier. Regarding his condition as a threat to the survival of the others, Roosevelt insisted he be left behind to allow the poorly provisioned expedition to proceed as rapidly as it could, preparing to commit suicide with an overdose of morphine.

    Only an appeal by his son persuaded him to continue. Upon Roosevelt's return to New York, friends and family were startled by his physical appearance and fatigue. Roosevelt wrote, perhaps prophetically, to a friend that the trip had cut his life short by ten years. For the rest of his few remaining years, he would be plagued by flare-ups of malaria and leg inflammations so severe as to require surgery.

    When he had recovered sufficiently, he addressed a standing-room-only convention organized in Washington, D. Roosevelt returned to the United States in May Though he was outraged by the Wilson Administration 's conclusion of a treaty that expressed "sincere regret" for the way in which the United States had acquired the Panama Canal Zone, he was impressed by many of the reforms passed under Wilson. Roosevelt made several campaign appearances for the Progressives, but the elections were a disaster for the fledgling third party.

    When the Republicans nominated Charles Evans Hughes, Roosevelt declined the Progressive nomination and urged his Progressive followers to support the Republican candidate.

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    6. However, Wilson won the election by a narrow margin. Roosevelt, usually in coordination with Henry Cabot Lodge and William Howard Taft, began offering proposals for a league of nations to guarantee the world peace, starting in In his annual message to Congress [ citation needed ] he identified the need for "some method" of control of "offending nations" which would someday become the responsibility of "an international peace power.

      He called for American participation. When World War I broke out, Roosevelt proposed "a World League for the Peace of Righteousness," in September , which would preserve sovereignty but limit armaments and require arbitration.