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A key question now faces communities like the Mapuche and others around the world: Given the likelihood of ongoing water conflicts and continuing degradation of rivers, what legal changes could help protect both rivers and communities? Over the last two years, a series of legislative acts and court decisions have emerged across the globe that propose caring for a river as if it were a person. Under the new agreement, the Whanganui has the same rights as a person.

A special committee that includes community representatives is authorized to act as legal administrator, and the river can now be represented in court proceedings. Paulo Urrutia.

Rivers: Facts

The Atrato flows through the territories of 91 different indigenous communities for whom the river is the main source of both food and cultural traditions. The river is the first in Colombia to receive this status, the result of local environmental campaigns against the mining industry. Gold mining was the first activity on the Atrato to draw international attention, and has badly damaged sections of the river through the use of dredging machines and mercury and cyanide used in the gold mining process. Recognition of legal personhood for the Atrato seeks to stop or lessen the damage caused by mining and clean up the mess made to date.

However, local groups are still struggling to find a practical way to implement these legal protections. This ruling declared both the Ganges and Yamuna rivers living entities with legal rights. Those declarations are an important first step, but given the high levels of contamination in Indian waterways, it remains unclear how far these legal actions will go in remediating the problems.

The Ganges is a profoundly contaminated river, with high levels of heavy metals other toxins caused by human activities. Despite the promise held by establishing legal rights for rivers, difficult questions remain.

Rage Runs Through It

What does it mean for a river to have the rights of a person? Is compensation to affected communities permissible in lieu of court orders requiring removal of large obstructions like dams? And, finally, and perhaps most important, how should a legal regime determine who will advocate on behalf of a river, which lacks a voice of its own? In the future, these are questions policymakers will have to address.

Camila Badilla, coordinator of the Chilean Free-Flowing Rivers Network, says that granting legal rights to rivers is just one step in an ongoing transformation in how humans view their place in the natural world. By comparison, there were rescues in total in , according to Waikel. The search for the missing 2-year-old is underway just a little over a week after the bodies of a migrant father and his toddler daughter were found after drowning in the river near Matamoros, Mexico across from Brownsville, Texas, sparking international outcry.

According to the Associated Press , the father attempted to cross the river with his family after being unable to schedule an appointment to claim asylum while at a U. The waiting list for asylum claims has started to grow under the U. A body of a man was also recovered from the river on June 25, according to CBP , and in April, three children and an adult from Honduras died after their raft capsized on the Rio Grande, according to the Associated Press.

Waikel says all miles of the border covered by the Del Rio sector is river, and said many migrants may be deciding to cross through the sector because it is relatively safe from cartel violence. He added that overall, migrants typically arrive at various places along the border depending on smuggling routes and word of mouth. It becomes the retreat where Mia starts her new life as a cancer survivor and as a new woman when the river becomes the place where she can be warmed by the sun, cooled by the water, and filled with hope, rising in thin wisps of speckled silver, each time she cast her line onto the water.

The river allowed Mia to feel the first glimmer of life since the shock of her diagnosis which had left her heart as numb as the white scare on her chest. Each time she launched her fishing line into the water, a spark of life beckons on the other end of the line.

A River Runs Through It (novel) - Wikipedia

The refreshing, rejuvenating water will also introduce a new man into her life. Only Kate Watkins's story line kept me committed to the book. The mystery with the suspense glued to it, combined with the 'mechanics' of fly-fishing was enough of a tale to render this book an excellent read. Mmmm, the fly-fishing was over presented really, but still. It is kind of sad, to me personally, that this strong and complete mystery was not presented as a standalone saga.

Covering, almost smothering, it with a chick lit cloud Mia's story line , with all its predictable and stale elements in tow, kind of broke the spell for me. Hence the lower rating.

Heraclitus, change, and flow

Presenting a new lease on life in the form of a new male character could have worked just as well, if the fluff, fuzz and frills of cheap romance elements were replaced with something more realistic in scope. Was it really necessary for him to live in a modern, upmarket condo; was it necessary to portray him as the most attractive, hormonal disorder for women? Do we really need to know what she wears and how perfectly beautiful she is; flattering of eyes, blushing; detailed romps in the hay?

My lack of language skills do not allow me to continue If the author ever turns up the guts to write similar, informative stories, without the hay-frolicking yeeehaaa blanketing the real story, I will become a dedicated fan. However, it is still a very very good read with a powerful ending. It almost left the reader wondering if a follow-up was planned.

If not, it still leaves a feeling of goodness, as provided by the style, plot, strong characters and fast-moving story line, behind. View all 6 comments. Dec 22, Pamela rated it liked it Shelves: romance , chick-lit , sports , north-carolina. That's the good thing about being at a place like this.

I've had a lot of time to think about me. Not just about the divorce, but all that existential stuff, - my emotions, ambitions, beliefs. I've had the the rug pulled out from me in so many ways. Mia's raw emotion "My feelings have run the gamut from fury to hurt to finally just wanting to move on. Mia's raw emotions dealing with breast cancer, body-awareness self esteem, infidelity of her spouse, fear of failure, fear of independence All these things came across as tangible and heartfelt.

These attributes of Mia as a woman and a character are things I can connect with and embrace. However, Mia's opposing sides were counterproductive, and in many ways infuriated me. The only thing Belle asked of Mia was to stay out of the Watkins sordid family history, to not "dig up the dirt," and to not engage in town gossip regarding said dirt. In which, Mia promises to refrain. And if a person is only as good as their word - well, then. Another issue involves Mia's attitude toward her husband's infidelity differing greatly from that of other infidelities. Which I won't elaborate on as it would spoil part of the mystery element to the story.

Wanting to leave on a positive note, I loved the references to fly fishing and the many quotes and journal entries pertaining to fishing and rivers in general. Additionally, Mary Alice Monroe truly captured the atmosphere and nuances of the forested mountain region of western North Carolina, specifically southwest of Asheville near where I lived for fourteen years. For me, the story in its entirety was okay, but it could have been much richer.

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Portions of the book were on a four-star level. Other parts fell much shorter than that. Overall - three-stars. May 07, Jackie rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star , work-review-related-reading. Monroe has really outdone herself this time with the story of breast cancer survivor Mia Landan.


After a year of surgeries, radical chemo and radiation, Mia is a ghost of who she once was--a socially polished public relations guru married to an equally driven and sophisticated lawyer. Mia's sister sends her on a 3 day weekend with Casting For Recovery a real and very amazing group, by the way , a g This book is a July Indy Pick aka BookSense This is a soothing and rare treasure of a book.

Mia's sister sends her on a 3 day weekend with Casting For Recovery a real and very amazing group, by the way , a group of survivors who bond and heal, physically and emotionally, through fly fishing. Energized from the experience, she comes home to find her husband in bed with another woman. She blindly races back to the mountains and into the arms of Belle Carson, the fishing guide and infinitely kind hearted woman. Belle owns a dilapidated cabin that she "rents" to Mia for the summer--it's Mia's job to fix the place up so that Belle can rent it out to fisherfolk come fall.