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And to tempt him there was this new mystery, this knowledge that he could not miss.

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We summon all our knowledge of the past and we scan all signs of the future. My mind was the richer merely by the knowledge that it was there. He is that small still voice deep inside your heart. He is your conscience; He is that knowing sense of right and wrong that you hold deep down inside your heart. Another way to know is it turns out good.

You listen to the tug at your heart strings or follow your intuition and things work out right. Then you look back on that experience and realize, yup, that was God. Want to learn more about God's Gifts of Knowledge and Wisdom? He is an ordained minister, biblical scholar, teacher of the holy spirit and an expert author on the subject of Leadership. He and his wife, Debbra Sweet have overseen the growth and development of multiple in home fellowships and have been instrumental in helping many people come to the knowledge and truth of God's Word.

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Thank you so much for this truth! I know it is not easy to stand up for Biblical truth when it contradicts certain church culture or tradition. We must look to God's Word for answers and not our own vain experiences. Your words helped me understand more clearly these gifts. I believe my husband and I have them because we love to learn and research constantly and love seeking God's truth to know Him and teach others about Him.

The Word of Knowledge and Faith

Thank you for your explanation and I agree with what you wrote. I too came from a Pentecostal background and I saw so much abuse coming from people that thought they heard God speaking to them or had a message for someone. The main way that God speaks to us today, is through his word, he might confirm something to us through someone else but be ware of people who claim to be prophets. I myself was given prophecies that came against what the Lord had been saying to me and later were confirmed by someone who was truly a spiritual brother or sister in the Lord.

I ask the Lord so much to give the me wisdom of his word, to be able to understand and have the revelation of his word because is the Holy Spirit who reveals his written word. A prophet is someone who explains to us the word of God with wisdom and knowledge. You had me up until saying these are not revelatory gifts. I did not go searching for an answer in my own power or will but by praying in the Spirit gift of tongues and God revealing it to me as supernatural revelation of this new knowledge.

God has literally shown me something that I could not have known on my own, and when I shared it with a particular person they confirmed those things as true in their personal circumstance not a prophecy about what is to come but a word of knowledge. I did appreciate your differential on word of knowledge versus word of wisdom but to say these are not revelatory gifts is to take the Holy Spirit out of the equation, whom the Word said teaches us all things. Your thinking will limit how God can use you through these gifts.

That's where discernment comes in. I agree alignment with scripture is extremely important but God also gives kairos words to speak life to people in the moment.. May God continually give us the Spirit of wisdom and understanding to grow in our knowledge of Him!

Word of Knowledge

Thanks for this post it was very helpful. Recently my pastor and a sister have told me they see me developing in gift of knowledge or wisdom linked with discernment.

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After reading further I believe perhaps knowledge more then wisdom. I see how it all links. As an example the other day I was praying after reading and I saw the connection between Psalm 23 and the gospel. This happens quiet a lot and Im only now as a young christian starting to share my thoughts with leaders at my church. Laura, how very interesting that you chose Psalm 23! RSS Feed. Home About Contact.

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What is the difference between the Word of Wisdom and the Word of Knowledge? There is much confusion and debate about what these words mean, so it may be better to approach this from a different angle — what these gifts are not and how some Christians today are coming dangerously close to ignoring Scripture because of their misuse of these two gifts. First Corinthians is the only verse in the New Testament that talks about the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge. So it is important to look at it in context.

Notice how Paul is emphasising that there are diversities of gifts, ministries and activities, but it is the same Spirit and the same God who works throughout.


Word of Knowledge Holy Spirit Manifestation Bible Lesson with Minister Daniel Sweet

The purpose, of course, for the manifestation of the Spirit, is that each one of us should profit by these gifts. For as we have learned, the gifts of the Spirit are meant for building up and edifying the body of Christ Ephesians With that in mind, let us look to the Old Testament for our example on how the Spirit of Wisdom operated.

Since God is unchanging we can be confident that the Spirit of Wisdom He bestowed on people in the Old Testament is the same Spirit we see manifested today. The Spirit of Wisdom involved a certain skill, knowledge or understanding on a particular subject. In this case, it was the skill of designing artistic works.

The men who had been blessed with this talent, were given an extra measure of wisdom to encompass all manner of artistic workmanship. This did not just mean someone involved in making things with their hands. But the Spirit of Wisdom had many characteristics.

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It means many things —skill, shrewdness, or wisdom in administration, prudence in religious affairs and wisdom in ethical or religious matters. Solomon was given such an overflowing gift of wisdom that he was known far and wide as the wisest man in all the earth 1 Kings ; 1 Kings ; 1 Kings Wisdom, getting it and keeping it, is stressed over and over again in both the Old and New Testaments. And in all your getting, get understanding. The Spirit of Wisdom given to believers is different from those of unbelievers according to 1 Corinthians In fact, God says the wisdom of this world is foolishness 1 Corinthians To be clear, there is a difference between intelligence and wisdom.