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When I was researching my book, I went to the Churchill Archives Centre, and they also have Thatcher's archives, so while I was there, I asked to see the handbag.

It's this very sturdy She "used" that bag — she would put it on the cabinet table to say "pay attention" and the phrase "handbagged" comes from Thatcher's handbag. LP: I recently inherited one of my grandmother's handbags. It looks a bit like Thatcher's bag, which I found moving because my grandmother was a die-hard Thatcherite — she was buried wearing her "Thatcher In" badge.

She wasn't very well off, and she had looked after it so carefully. The little mirror that came with it was still in one of the pockets wrapped up. JP: I'm always interested in the stories of things we inherit, the fabric of the past that is woven into these objects. When my great-aunt died, I inherited these beautiful little beaded bags from the s.

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She was from another generation and always seemed very old to me when I was a child, but these beautiful, fragile bags reminded me she was young once. She bought these bags, she loved them, she would have gone out dancing with them. LP: My mum and I were shopping in second-hand shops and we found this plain, old black bag and in one of the pockets, wrapped up in a piece of tissue, was what looked like a wedding ring, and there was this mystery. JP: If you buy a handmade bag, whether it's a vintage Chanel from the s or a new one, those bags are made by people who are treated incredibly well, earn good salaries, work in ateliers in France and Italy, and are proud of their craft.

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It's the antithesis of a bag mass-produced in a factory and then sold in vast numbers. I'm not saying people should buy designer handbags, but we should be aware of the cost of mass-market bags. LP: But for most people the things that are advertised and drooled over in women's magazines — it's simply an impossible dream to own one. I find it fascinating that some people have to have this thing, even if it costs a month's salary, because that's what they cost for a lot of people, and that's what they spend on it.

There is this massive misconception that consumer choice is the same as empowerment. The idea that the goal of a working woman's life and earning money is to be able to earn enough to afford this lovely bag.

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That's not an argument that you shouldn't have a nice handbag if that's what you really want. I've got enough friends who have lovely handbags I covet. But I think the idea of consumer choice and commodity fetish as an expression of identity needs to be unpacked, like a bag at the end of the day.

One of the most fascinating things about consumerism at the moment is you're meant to buy all this stuff that expresses who you are as an individual but individualism, more and more, is homogenous. Topics Handbags The conversation.

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Chanel Women Feminism comment. You will be doing yourself a favor and your children a favor too. He taps on the table and offers his own informal guidelines. Reb Shia answers his own question. It was and Reb Shia had signed on many roshei yeshivah and rabbanim to the newly launched initiative. And you want me to sign the Guidelines?

I understand the story Reb Shia is saying one way. Tavo alav brachah. You must be logged in to post a comment. If you really want your simchah to stand out, make it personal: let it reflect your gratitude to Hashem and joy in the occasion. Wedding standards are rising.

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  • But the chasunah is only for seven or eight hours. And then what? Skip to content Menu. Is there a better way? T wenty years ago, his Simcha Guidelines stalled.

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